Sepia Tone

There are times I enjoy that old fashion feel to an image.  Sepia tone is the easiest way to accomplish that.  There is some work involved, such as removing cars and traffic light and people, such as the Paris in Pastels shot or adding to the clothing so it look more like a period piece.

Lithia Park, Ashland

December of 2013, Ashland received a good dumping of snow and the temperatures dropped down into the teens 16F/-9C.  I was walking through Lithia park with my camera photographing what was in front of me, when I heard someone point in the opposite direction.  Sometimes what you seek is right behind you! I call this…

The Art of People

Every image tells a story and people are by far my favorite subject; an art form all to their own.  There is beauty in the human form, an innocence when the image has not been staged – a candid! So, how does one deal with the question of permission(s)… my thoughts on this topic are forthcoming!…

Oldies but Goodies

I forget the year, but I do remember the place.  I worked for ELDEC Corp and at some point decided to every week, every Friday, send out one of my images along with a story in an email to a selected group of co-workers- basically anyone who wanted to be on the list.  The process…

Indian Dance and Theatre (20161007)

One part culture and one part color – the enthusiasm and talent of this group from Oregon is what captured this photographer’s eye.  The show was accompanied by storytelling; an insight into the dance and it’s movements.   Well Done!!!