The Sea of Lost Souls

The Sea of Lost Souls


The Sea of Lost Souls

“On New Year’s Day, The Fisherman from the of Sea of Lost Souls will appear, as he does every year at that time.  With the first light of dawn you must make your way down to the Puget Sound and seek out the Fisherman,” instructed the Oracle. “He has been appearing there since before the ancients called it, Whulj.”

“But how will I know where to look, where to find this Fisherman and the Sea of Lost Souls?” asked Kabuli.

“To help you find your way, a guide will come to you.  She will be of this earth, with skin as warm as a sunny day and hair as dark as a moonless night; she will lead you to him, but beware not to fall under her spell!  You will know you have arrived when you see skies of orange-yellow and a sea of gold.  In the distant background you will see the outline of Tahoma.  The ancients named her as, she who gives us water.  In the foreground you will see the Fisherman casting his rod.  Be aware and keep one league distance between you and the Fisherman, lest he pull you in.  Remove your foot wrappings and step into her waters with your bare feet; the icy waters will turn warm and welcoming.  Feel the sand beneath your feet.  This will help to ground you to the earth and protect you.  The time is right and you have prepared long for the journey!”


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